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A great website is more than a logo and some pretty pictures.

A great website builds relationships.

Turn Google searchers into loyal customers. Your website opens the door… Invite them in!

Talk to them, answer their questions, and toot your benefits. A great website will make them glad they stopped by.

“But anyone can make a website.”

There are lots of DIY tools out there. And maybe you really do have a knack for design, a voice for marketing, and the time to put together a truly great website, in addition to running your business.

OR, maybe you understand that some things aren’t quite as easy as they look on TV. Keep reading.

Make your website really great.

We create professionally designed websites that makes a positive, lasting impression so people choose your business.

If you need a new site, a new look, or a mobile-ready redesign, call or email Viva Design Studio today.

“It’s more than having any old website just because everyone else has one. It’s about having a great website that WORKS HARD to help grow your business.”

Kathy Kroll Romana

Founder, Viva Design Studio


Website Design.

One thing, done exceptionally well.

You have less than

seconds to grab their attention. Make the most of it!

Viva Design Studio specializes in crafting distinctive websites for a more discerning clientele. We work with clients who have a vested interest in making the most of their website; clients who understand their website is an investment in the success of their business.

Sound like you? Then Viva Design Studio would be a good fit for you.

Statistics indicate that over 25% of ALL websites on the internet are built using WordPress, a dynamic CMS platform. We have also used Joomla! and other tools to build sites, but due to the popularity and customizable features of WordPress, we now use it almost exclusively along with the uber-popular WP theme Divi from Elegant Themes, to build modern, stylish, reliable, responsive websites.

Need Search Engine Optimization, Google Pay-per-clicks, Social Media (a full-time job all its own) or general Site Upkeep? These are very important services, and while Viva Design Studio is a design-only boutique shop, we have a select network of highly-recommended associates on hand for those tasks. Just ask!


Stand Out from the crowd.

Trending Now: “Flat Design”.

This new style has taken the web by storm. And it looks like it is here to stay. Purposely minimalistic, the 2-D style is meant to keep visitors focused on your message.


At Viva Design Studio, we create engaging, responsive websites that adapt and reformat to any device, so your site will look great from any angle.

Coming soon, Divi Child Themes: a D-I-Y solution for a pre-made, yet customized, Divi design, at a fraction of the price. See details on our Portfolio page.




Reviews from our clients.

bigquotes“I highly recommend Viva Design Studio for your website design. Kathy is extremely talented and dedicated to making sure you are happy with her work. She is always accessible and ready to help. You would think Kathy was an employee of your company with how hard she works create a website to help your business.”
–Rick Lutz, Owner, Boys of Summer Baseball Camp



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Viva Design Studio is located in northern New Jersey but, thanks to the power of the internet, can serve clients virtually anywhere.

You’ll get a professional website honed to make your business shine, at a fair price, delivered in a timely manner.

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