Promotional Services for West Coast Swing Events & More


Promotional Services for West Coast Swing Events & More

Websites for west coast swing events, dance profession­als and small businesses

It don’t mean a thing if your site’s got no swing! Dancing is more popular than ever, but the competition vying for students is greater than ever too. A Viva website design for west coast swing events, or other dance application, is uniquely designed to put your dance business in the spotlight.

Promoting your west coast swing event, dance studio, social, weekly class, or workshop weekend as the hottest place to be is what we do best. We’ve worked with top industry professionals to learn exactly what dance websites need to be effective, and use that knowledge to get the attention of dancers locally and globally.

We work with all kinds of dance professionals, such as studio owners, instructors, deejays and especially event directors to create websites for west coast swing and other dance genres.

Engage and grow your local dance community
Increase group class enrollment
Promote socials and workshops
Book private lessons
Encourage ticket sales for your competition or event


We are well-known in the West Coast community for providing white glove digital marketing services to Event Directors!

Between increased competition from newer events and rising overhead costs resulting in higher ticket prices, attracting event attendees to your Dance Event has become more challenging than ever.

Viva Design Studio helps Event Directors promote their events and increase ticket sales through a combination of thoughtful website design, ticket system integration, and timely, engaging social media marketing. Not only are our websites informative, but they are attractive and easy to use, all of which inspire purchasing confidence.

National WCS events from The Open Swing Dance Championships to Trilogy Swing, MadJAM to Liberty Swing Dance Championships and more have seen expanded brand exposure and increased ticket sales with our services, and you can too.

Web Design | Copywriting | Social Media | Branding | Maintenance | SEO

Viva knows dance

Our team has been creating effective websites for over 10 years… and dancing for twice that long! We’ve picked up a few moves where it comes to marketing for the dance community because we’re part of the dance community. We know what it takes to build effective websites for west coast swing and other ballroom and social dances that will have students dancing through your door.

We’re a boutique shop that passionately takes on a limited number of projects for dance businesses each year. This allows us to maximize the quality and attention we’re able to devote to your project.

No fast talk. No pressure. No techie jargon. We’re simply here to help you create an impressive website that you would be proud to share with your customers. Bottom line, you’ll get an affordable, attractive, effective dance website you’ll love, in a fraction of the time and cost it takes a larger agency.

There’s no dancing around it—call Viva Design Studio today!

Website Features for Dance Profession­als

For Event Directors

Registration Integration
Hotel Information
Schedule of Events
Pro Staff & DJs
Special Workshops
Past Results
Volunteer Opportunities
Perks & Shenanigans

For Professionals

Areas of Expertise
Location or Studio Affiliation
Services and Rates
Travel Schedule
Press Kit
Photos & Videos

For Studios

Hours of Operation
Staff Bios
Dances Taught
Special Events
Mailing List Opt-in
Media Gallery


“Kathy is amazing and does a great job. My team and I are very pleased with her work and how fast and accommodating she is. Our websites look great thanks to her. She is always there to create, contribute and improve, and is always willing to help us out when ever we need it. I highly recommend hiring her. She is the Best!!”

John Lindo

West Coast Swing Dance Champion & Instructor, John Lindo Productions

Not a “dance pro”? Don’t worry!

We also work with small businesses in just about any industry.

Viva Design Studio, formerly of northern New Jersey, is located in the North Dallas area (McKinney, TX). But, thanks to the power of the internet, we can serve clients virtually anywhere.

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