Promotional Services for West Coast Swing Events & More


Attracting event attendees to your West Coast Swing dance event has become more challenging than ever.  Factors include increased competition from a growing list of event options, and higher ticket prices due to rising production costs. How do you get the word out that your event is the place to be?

Viva Design Studio works with West Coast Swing Event Directors to promote their events to reach as many dancers as possible with the goal of increasing attendance. We inspire purchasing confidence through a combination of thoughtful website design, persuasive copywriting, ticket sales system integration, and engaging social media marketing. How? By:

  • Creating modern engaging web designs with user-friendly navigation and purpose-driven page content
  • Publishing timely communications on website and social media
  • Boosting event awareness by using consistent  branding on all platforms

Viva Design Studio has established itself in the West Coast Swing Event community as a white glove digital marketing agency for some of the largest swing events in the world! Event directors rely on our comprehensive website packages,  effective social media marketing campaigns, and quick-response customer service to support their annual events all year round.

Our happy clients include the event directors for: The Open Swing Dance Championships, Liberty Swing Dance Championships, Trilogy Swing, Countdown Swing Boston, as well as WSDC, NASDE, Rising Star Tour, and more.

Our services include: Web Design | Copywriting | Social Media | Branding | Maintenance | SEO. Contact Viva Design Studio for a free consultation.



Here at Viva Design Studio, we love dance. And we love design. And we love dance merch.  So we decided to design our own dance swag!

Choose from 5 different designs printed on a variety of shirts, bags and more.

Check out the entire line of west coast swing dance-themed merch in our Red Bubble shop!