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You don’t have to be 10′ tall to get noticed on the web.

Creating a relevant, targeted, memorable user experience is the first step to building lasting customer relationships. Grab their attention with unique text, images and a bit of personality, and your website will make you stand out from the crowd.


West Coast Swing Dance Champion & Instructor


The ultimate West Coast Swing dance competition event

Philly Swing Classic

Philly’s Favorite Fall Swing Event

Freedom Swing Dance Challenge

The Philly Area’s Winter WCS event

Kristen Shaw

Highlighting the creative skills of dancer and editor Kristen Shaw.


Successfully captured the energy and essence of Award-Winning Artist, Designer, TV Host, Author and Dancer Jodi Topitz.

Kathy and I had a phone call to review her process and talk about what I wanted to do with the site. She followed up with multiple e-mails and questions on what I liked and didn’t like, sent over samples and suggestions, and really -listened- to everything. I already knew Kathy was going to create something great…

And then she went on to blow past every expectation that I had.

Kristen Shaw

West Coast Swing Dancer/Instructor & Promotional Video Editor

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Featured Projects (by Industry)

We have also done many small budget “white label” projects for other design and marketing agencies. In several of the latter cases listed here, other agencies or owners may have modified the original content or byline over time, but we created the basis of these original designs. In some cases, our artwork, copywriting, UX and byline were stripped from our designs or even copied into new sites by other developers, but all sites here contain content and design originally developed by Viva Design Studio, most of which our byline was deleted. (Yes, awkward, but hey, it was our hard work, so…)

Van Reipen Counseling and Psychological Services for our friends at Undeniable.
Christmas Lighting Installations
Greik Bros. Paving Inc.
American Eagle Exteriors

Kapur Cleanouts

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