Marketing Blitz, Step One

Give Your Business the “Edge” over the competition

As more and more consumers become computer savvy, even computer dependent, often the first place they turn to for information about a business is the internet. Products, services, referrals, and information for making decisions, can all be found online. Is your business online? Is it well-presented? Is it being found?

Too often, a traditional marketing campaign can become ineffective. And when that happens, there is little or no return on investment for your business. The internet is quickly replacing traditional marketing approaches and techniques.

In these tough economic times, it is necessary to be open to new marketing techniques—online techniques—that reach, and motivate, potential customers more efficiently and effectively.

The Internet has replaced the phone book, television, and print media as the “go to” source for many consumers looking for information. Instead of strolling through the malls, people are first researching, shopping, and blogging about products and services online. Before going to a new doctor, they research the doctor’s website online. The same holds true for every product and service offered to consumers today. A web presence is critical to any successful business that wants to be at the fingertips and, therefore, in the minds of today’s savvy consumers.

A professionally-designed website is an asset to any business. A compelling website can help establish a new business, or revitalize an existing business. It positions the business, service, or practice for instant access. A creatively-designed website instills immediate credibility in the mind of the reader. The informative website gives a business a dynamic edge over competition. It provides the advertising equivalents of business cards, brochures, spec sheets, and store fronts that search engines “hand out” to consumers all day, all night, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Websites are less expensive to create and maintain than most other forms of advertising, which makes them highly cost-effective. The ability to update content quickly and easily is an advantage that static advertising mediums cannot offer. When an important business element changes, such as location or featured sale information, the business website content can be modified within a few short hours, as opposed to other forms of advertising, which have significant time lags and costs.

In addition, web developers make use of techniques that ensure good search engine placement, resulting in more visits to that site. A site filled with quality content will provide consumers with the knowledge they crave to make buying decisions about the product they want or service they need. Potential customers are more inclined to choose that business that provided the most useful, user-friendly information.

For the business owner or service professional, a website is an effective, low-cost, dynamic marketing tool. When the website is used as part of a multi-faceted marketing strategy, it can increase consumer awareness, providing potential customers with all the information they need to decide which business will best suit their needs. Website addresses should be printed on business cards and mentioned in newspaper ads, directing more people to the site. By cross-promoting, each form of advertising will reinforce the other, creating a marketing blitz of awareness.

-Written by:
Kathleen Kroll Romana
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