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Founder Kathy Kroll Romana

Kathleen Kroll Romana

Founder, Creative Director, Webmaster, WordPress Specialist, Graphic Artist, Helping Hand.

Equipped with a BS degree in Computer Science and 2 decades of IT experience at several major corporations in the NYC area, I switched gears and started Viva in 2006.

Building websites is the perfect melding of my tech background and a lifelong passion for creative arts and design. I wear most of the hats here, from receptionist to designer and more. When I am not working, chances are I am dancing — 5,6,7,8 — at a West Coast Swing social, or traveling to a warmer latitude with my husband.


Viva Design Studio is a boutique web company specializing in creating great website designs for small business owners. We realize that Branding, Search Engine Optimization, Google Pay-per-Clicks, Social Media, Tech Support and Website Upkeep are very important services for your website to perform at its best.

Through a collaboration of highly-regarded, independent creatives, Viva Design Studio is able to provide clients with a comprehensive digital experience that also includes branding, SEO marketing and post-launch site maintenance. Viva acts as coordinating liaison, however you’ll interact with them directly for these additional services*.
*Separate invoicing applies.

Graphic Designer Gina Romana

Gina Romana

Graphic Designer

Your brand tells your customers who you are, what you are about, and what sets you apart from your competitors. Graphic Designer Gina Romana creates unique, consistent branding that makes your business memorable, with original logos, color palettes and more.

Onboarding Strategist and Website Care Specialist Stephanie Hudson

Stephanie Hudson

Onboarding Strategist and Website Care

As your first point of contact, Stephanie confidently guides you through our work process by answering your questions, and setting the stage for an positive Viva working relationship. Once your site has been launched, she and her team at FocusWP.co provide ongoing website care as a stand-alone service.

SEO/Marketing Expert Adam Binder

Adam Binder

SEO and Social Media

Adam at CCM helps businesses and organizations realize their fullest potential through a leveraging of innovative and evocative digital marketing efforts. Adam oversees each campaign, ensuring consistent quality and award-winning results.

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Viva? Yes, VIVA!

Wondering why I chose Viva for the name of my company? I was looking for something that captured the essence of how much I enjoy designing websites!
This was the closest I could find, then I shortened it to Viva:
From vivacious*: happy, lively and energetic in temper, conduct, or spirit.
*Compiled from Merriam-Webster.com.

viva**: 2006, reinterpreted: a joy for living, while doing what one loves.

**Kathleen Kroll Romana, web designer.