Our Design Process

Communication is the key to a great websiteHOW WE WORK

Initial Consultation

The design process begins with an in-person or over-the-phone consultation to get an understanding of your business, your website goals, and style preferences for your website.  The following is a basic workflow, mainly for Starter Website packages.

Be prepared to provide items such as company logos, preliminary text, and any other materials, to ensure timely delivery of your website. This is mandatory for the “Starter Website” package.


Upon receiving logos and text, work will begin on an initial design template based on ideas discussed during the design consultation. You will be notified by email that your template draft is ready, usually within one week following the consultation. You will have up to 7 calendar days to contact Viva to make up to 3 revisions to your template. Please note: if you do not contact the designer within 7 calendar days, the initial design template will be used as the final design template.


Construction of your website will begin based on the approved template design. This process typically takes up to 10 calendar days.


You will be given time to review the prepared site design. You will have 7 calendar days to submit a final set of changes to your content before the site is published. At this stage, only revisions to text or image substitutions will be accepted. The design template is no longer revisable.


Whether or not you make revisions during the 7 calendar day review period, your design will be considered final and unchangeable after the 7 days, and will be published to your domain:

Viva Design Studio generally handles the hosting setup process, we will make arrangements with you to publish your website to the Internet, using the hosting service you prefer,  -or-

If you already have hosting, we will need access to your hosting account to load your new site.

Maintain content

Minor updates are included for up to 1 month after publication. Additional service contracts are available to maintain site long-term.